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TracksBehaviorsPrefs.h File Reference
#include "PrefsPanel.h"
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class  TracksBehaviorsPrefs
 A PrefsPanel for Tracks Behaviors settings. More...


#define TRACKS_BEHAVIORS_PREFS_PLUGIN_SYMBOL   ComponentInterfaceSymbol{ XO("Tracks Behaviors") }


AUDACITY_DLL_API bool GetEditClipsCanMove ()


AUDACITY_DLL_API ChoiceSetting TracksBehaviorsSolo

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#define TRACKS_BEHAVIORS_PREFS_PLUGIN_SYMBOL   ComponentInterfaceSymbol{ XO("Tracks Behaviors") }

Definition at line 22 of file TracksBehaviorsPrefs.h.

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◆ GetEditClipsCanMove()

AUDACITY_DLL_API bool GetEditClipsCanMove ( )

Definition at line 143 of file TracksBehaviorsPrefs.cpp.

144 {
145  bool mIsSyncLocked;
146  gPrefs->Read(wxT("/GUI/SyncLockTracks"), &mIsSyncLocked, false);
147  if( mIsSyncLocked )
148  return true;
149  bool editClipsCanMove;
150  gPrefs->Read(wxT("/GUI/EditClipCanMove"), &editClipsCanMove, false);
151  return editClipsCanMove;
152 }

References gPrefs.

Referenced by WaveTrack::ExpandCutLine(), WaveTrack::HandleClear(), WaveTrack::PasteWaveTrack(), and Generator::Process().

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◆ TracksBehaviorsSolo

AUDACITY_DLL_API ChoiceSetting TracksBehaviorsSolo
FileConfig * gPrefs
Definition: Prefs.cpp:70