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XMLTagHandler.h File Reference
#include <string_view>
#include <vector>
#include "XMLWriter.h"
#include "XMLAttributeValueView.h"
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class  XMLValueChecker
 XMLValueChecker implements static bool methods for checking input values from XML files. More...
class  XMLTagHandler
 This class is an interface which should be implemented by classes which wish to be able to load and save themselves using XML files. More...


using Attribute = std::pair< std::string_view, XMLAttributeValueView >
using AttributesList = std::vector< Attribute >

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◆ Attribute

using Attribute = std::pair<std::string_view, XMLAttributeValueView>

Definition at line 39 of file XMLTagHandler.h.

◆ AttributesList

using AttributesList = std::vector<Attribute>

Definition at line 40 of file XMLTagHandler.h.