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AudacityTextEntryDialog Class Reference

Wrap wxTextEntryDialog so that caption IS translatable. More...

#include <ErrorDialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for AudacityTextEntryDialog:
wxTabTraversalWrapper< wxTextEntryDialog >

Public Member Functions

 AudacityTextEntryDialog (wxWindow *parent, const wxString &message, const wxString &caption, const wxString &value=wxEmptyString, long style=wxTextEntryDialogStyle, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition)
void SetInsertionPointEnd ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxTabTraversalWrapper< wxTextEntryDialog >
 wxTabTraversalWrapper (Args &&...args)
 wxTabTraversalWrapper (const wxTabTraversalWrapper &)=delete
 wxTabTraversalWrapper (wxTabTraversalWrapper &&)=delete
wxTabTraversalWrapperoperator= (const wxTabTraversalWrapper &)=delete
wxTabTraversalWrapperoperator= (wxTabTraversalWrapper &&)=delete

Detailed Description

Wrap wxTextEntryDialog so that caption IS translatable.

Definition at line 108 of file ErrorDialog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AudacityTextEntryDialog::AudacityTextEntryDialog ( wxWindow *  parent,
const wxString &  message,
const wxString &  caption,
const wxString &  value = wxEmptyString,
long  style = wxTextEntryDialogStyle,
const wxPoint &  pos = wxDefaultPosition 

Definition at line 111 of file ErrorDialog.h.

119  ( parent, message, caption, value, style, pos )
120  {}

Member Function Documentation

void AudacityTextEntryDialog::SetInsertionPointEnd ( )

Definition at line 241 of file ErrorDialog.cpp.

242 {
243  // m_textctrl is protected member of wxTextEntryDialog
244  m_textctrl->SetInsertionPointEnd();
245 }

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