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EffectWahwahState Class Reference

#include <Wahwah.h>

Public Attributes

float samplerate
double depth
double freqofs
double phase
double outgain
double lfoskip
unsigned long skipcount
double xn1
double xn2
double yn1
double yn2
double b0
double b1
double b2
double a0
double a1
double a2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file Wahwah.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ a0

double EffectWahwahState::a0

◆ a1

double EffectWahwahState::a1

◆ a2

double EffectWahwahState::a2

◆ b0

double EffectWahwahState::b0

◆ b1

double EffectWahwahState::b1

◆ b2

double EffectWahwahState::b2

◆ depth

double EffectWahwahState::depth

◆ freqofs

double EffectWahwahState::freqofs

◆ lfoskip

double EffectWahwahState::lfoskip

◆ outgain

double EffectWahwahState::outgain

◆ phase

double EffectWahwahState::phase

◆ samplerate

float EffectWahwahState::samplerate

◆ skipcount

unsigned long EffectWahwahState::skipcount

◆ xn1

double EffectWahwahState::xn1

◆ xn2

double EffectWahwahState::xn2

◆ yn1

double EffectWahwahState::yn1

◆ yn2

double EffectWahwahState::yn2

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