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KeyNode Class Reference

#include <KeyView.h>

Public Member Functions

 KeyNode ()
 KeyNode (const KeyNode &)=default
KeyNodeoperator= (const KeyNode &)=default

Public Attributes

wxString name
wxString category
wxString prefix
wxString label
NormalizedKeyString key
int index
int line
int depth
bool iscat
bool ispfx
bool isparent
bool isopen

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file KeyView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KeyNode::KeyNode ( )

Definition at line 27 of file KeyView.h.

References depth, index, iscat, isopen, isparent, ispfx, and line.

28  {
29  index = -1;
30  line = -1;
31  depth = -1;
32  iscat = false;
33  ispfx = false;
34  isparent = false;
35  isopen = false;
36  }
int index
Definition: KeyView.h:48
bool ispfx
Definition: KeyView.h:52
bool iscat
Definition: KeyView.h:51
int depth
Definition: KeyView.h:50
bool isopen
Definition: KeyView.h:54
int line
Definition: KeyView.h:49
bool isparent
Definition: KeyView.h:53
KeyNode::KeyNode ( const KeyNode )

Member Function Documentation

KeyNode& KeyNode::operator= ( const KeyNode )

Member Data Documentation

wxString KeyNode::category
int KeyNode::depth
int KeyNode::index
bool KeyNode::iscat
bool KeyNode::isopen
bool KeyNode::isparent
bool KeyNode::ispfx
NormalizedKeyString KeyNode::key
wxString KeyNode::label
int KeyNode::line
wxString KeyNode::name

Definition at line 43 of file KeyView.h.

Referenced by KeyView::RefreshBindings(), and KeyView::RefreshLines().

wxString KeyNode::prefix

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