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NoteTrackView Class Referencefinal

#include <NoteTrackView.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NoteTrackView (const std::shared_ptr< Track > &pTrack)
 ~NoteTrackView () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CommonTrackView
std::shared_ptr< TrackPanelCellContextMenuDelegate () override
std::vector< UIHandlePtrHitTest (const TrackPanelMouseState &, const AudacityProject *pProject) final override
void TimeShiftHitTest ()
virtual int GetMinimizedHeight () const override
 TrackView (const std::shared_ptr< Track > &pTrack)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TrackView
 TrackView (const std::shared_ptr< Track > &pTrack)
virtual ~TrackView ()=0
void CopyTo (Track &track) const override
bool GetMinimized () const
void SetMinimized (bool minimized)
int GetCumulativeHeightBefore () const
int GetExpandedHeight () const
int GetHeight () const
void SetCumulativeHeightBefore (int y)
 Set cached value dependent on position within the track list. More...
void SetExpandedHeight (int height)
std::shared_ptr< TrackVRulerControlsGetVRulerControls ()
std::shared_ptr< const TrackVRulerControlsGetVRulerControls () const
void WriteXMLAttributes (XMLWriter &) const override
bool HandleXMLAttribute (const wxChar *attr, const wxChar *value) override
virtual Refinement GetSubViews (const wxRect &rect)
virtual bool IsSpectral () const
virtual void DoSetMinimized (bool isMinimized)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CommonTrackCell
 CommonTrackCell (const std::shared_ptr< Track > &pTrack)
 ~CommonTrackCell ()
std::shared_ptr< TrackDoFindTrack () override
virtual void Reparent (const std::shared_ptr< Track > &parent)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CommonTrackPanelCell
 CommonTrackPanelCell ()
virtual ~CommonTrackPanelCell ()=0
HitTestPreview DefaultPreview (const TrackPanelMouseState &, const AudacityProject *) override
std::shared_ptr< TrackFindTrack ()
std::shared_ptr< const TrackFindTrack () const
virtual std::vector< MenuItemGetMenuItems (const wxRect &rect, const wxPoint *pPosition, AudacityProject *pProject)
 Return a list of items for DoContextMenu() (empties for separators) More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TrackPanelCell
 TrackPanelCell ()=default
 TrackPanelCell (const TrackPanelCell &) PROHIBITED
TrackPanelCelloperator= (const TrackPanelCell &) PROHIBITED
virtual ~TrackPanelCell ()=0
virtual unsigned CaptureKey (wxKeyEvent &event, ViewInfo &viewInfo, wxWindow *pParent, AudacityProject *project)
virtual unsigned KeyDown (wxKeyEvent &event, ViewInfo &viewInfo, wxWindow *pParent, AudacityProject *project)
virtual unsigned KeyUp (wxKeyEvent &event, ViewInfo &viewInfo, wxWindow *pParent, AudacityProject *project)
virtual unsigned Char (wxKeyEvent &event, ViewInfo &viewInfo, wxWindow *pParent, AudacityProject *project)
virtual unsigned LoseFocus (AudacityProject *project)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TrackPanelNode
 TrackPanelNode ()
virtual ~TrackPanelNode ()=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from TrackPanelDrawable
virtual ~TrackPanelDrawable ()=0
virtual wxRect DrawingArea (TrackPanelDrawingContext &context, const wxRect &rect, const wxRect &panelRect, unsigned iPass)

Private Member Functions

 NoteTrackView (const NoteTrackView &)=delete
NoteTrackViewoperator= (const NoteTrackView &)=delete
std::shared_ptr< TrackVRulerControlsDoGetVRulerControls () override
std::shared_ptr< CommonTrackCellGetAffordanceControls () override
std::vector< UIHandlePtrDetailedHitTest (const TrackPanelMouseState &state, const AudacityProject *pProject, int currentTool, bool bMultiTool) override
void Draw (TrackPanelDrawingContext &context, const wxRect &rect, unsigned iPass) override

Private Attributes

std::shared_ptr< CommonTrackCellmpAffordanceCellControl

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TrackView
enum  : unsigned { DefaultHeight = 150 }
using Refinement = std::vector< std::pair< wxCoord, std::shared_ptr< TrackView > > >
- Public Types inherited from CommonTrackPanelCell
using Hook = std::function< unsigned(const TrackPanelMouseEvent &evt, AudacityProject *pProject) >
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TrackView
static int GetTrackHeight (const Track *pTrack)
static int GetChannelGroupHeight (const Track *pTrack)
static int GetCumulativeHeight (const Track *pTrack)
static int GetTotalHeight (const TrackList &list)
static TrackViewGet (Track &)
static const TrackViewGet (const Track &)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CommonTrackPanelCell
static Hook InstallMouseWheelHook (const Hook &hook)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TrackPanelDrawable
static wxRect MaximizeWidth (const wxRect &rect, const wxRect &panelRect)
static wxRect MaximizeHeight (const wxRect &rect, const wxRect &panelRect)
- Public Attributes inherited from CommonTrackView
std::weak_ptr< TimeShiftHandlemTimeShiftHandle
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CommonTrackPanelCell
unsigned DoContextMenu (const wxRect &rect, wxWindow *pParent, const wxPoint *pPosition, AudacityProject *pProject) override
unsigned HandleWheelRotation (const TrackPanelMouseEvent &event, AudacityProject *pProject) override
- Protected Attributes inherited from CommonTrackView
std::weak_ptr< SelectHandlemSelectHandle
- Protected Attributes inherited from TrackView
std::shared_ptr< TrackVRulerControlsmpVRulerControls

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file NoteTrackView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NoteTrackView() [1/2]

NoteTrackView::NoteTrackView ( const NoteTrackView )

◆ NoteTrackView() [2/2]

NoteTrackView::NoteTrackView ( const std::shared_ptr< Track > &  pTrack)

Definition at line 34 of file NoteTrackView.cpp.

35  : CommonTrackView{ pTrack }
36 {
37 }

◆ ~NoteTrackView()

NoteTrackView::~NoteTrackView ( )

Definition at line 39 of file NoteTrackView.cpp.

40 {
41 }

Member Function Documentation

◆ DetailedHitTest()

std::vector< UIHandlePtr > NoteTrackView::DetailedHitTest ( const TrackPanelMouseState state,
const AudacityProject pProject,
int  currentTool,
bool  bMultiTool 

Implements CommonTrackView.

Definition at line 43 of file NoteTrackView.cpp.

46 {
47  // Eligible for stretch?
48  UIHandlePtr result;
49  std::vector<UIHandlePtr> results;
50 #ifdef USE_MIDI
52  result = StretchHandle::HitTest(
53  mStretchHandle, state, pProject, Pointer<NoteTrack>(this) );
54  if (result)
55  results.push_back(result);
56 #endif
57 #endif
59  return results;
60 }

References StretchHandle::HitTest().

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◆ DoGetVRulerControls()

std::shared_ptr< TrackVRulerControls > NoteTrackView::DoGetVRulerControls ( )

Implements TrackView.

Definition at line 69 of file NoteTrackView.cpp.

70 {
71  return
72  std::make_shared<NoteTrackVRulerControls>( shared_from_this() );
73 }

◆ Draw()

void NoteTrackView::Draw ( TrackPanelDrawingContext context,
const wxRect &  rect,
unsigned  iPass 

Reimplemented from TrackPanelDrawable.

Definition at line 726 of file NoteTrackView.cpp.

729 {
730  if ( iPass == TrackArtist::PassTracks ) {
731  const auto nt = std::static_pointer_cast<const NoteTrack>(
732  FindTrack()->SubstitutePendingChangedTrack());
733  bool muted = false;
735  const auto artist = TrackArtist::Get( context );
736  const auto hasSolo = artist->hasSolo;
737  muted = (hasSolo || nt->GetMute()) && !nt->GetSolo();
738 #endif
742 #endif
743  bool selected{ false };
744  if (auto affordance = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<NoteTrackAffordanceControls>(GetAffordanceControls()))
745  {
746  selected = affordance->IsSelected();
747  }
749  DrawNoteTrack(context, nt.get(), rect, muted, selected);
750  }
751  CommonTrackView::Draw( context, rect, iPass );
752 }

References TrackPanelDrawable::Draw(), TrackArt::DrawBackgroundWithSelection(), anonymous_namespace{NoteTrackView.cpp}::DrawNoteTrack(), CommonTrackPanelCell::FindTrack(), TrackArtist::Get(), GetAffordanceControls(), AColor::labelSelectedBrush, AColor::labelUnselectedBrush, and TrackArtist::PassTracks.

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◆ GetAffordanceControls()

std::shared_ptr< CommonTrackCell > NoteTrackView::GetAffordanceControls ( )

Reimplemented from TrackView.

Definition at line 78 of file NoteTrackView.cpp.

79 {
80  if (mpAffordanceCellControl == nullptr)
81  {
82  mpAffordanceCellControl = std::make_shared<NoteTrackAffordanceControls>(DoFindTrack());
83  }
85 }

References CommonTrackCell::DoFindTrack(), and mpAffordanceCellControl.

Referenced by Draw().

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◆ operator=()

NoteTrackView& NoteTrackView::operator= ( const NoteTrackView )

Member Data Documentation

◆ mpAffordanceCellControl

std::shared_ptr<CommonTrackCell> NoteTrackView::mpAffordanceCellControl

Definition at line 40 of file NoteTrackView.h.

Referenced by GetAffordanceControls().

The documentation for this class was generated from the following files:
Definition: CommonTrackView.h:20
static wxBrush labelUnselectedBrush
Definition: AColor.h:110
std::shared_ptr< Track > FindTrack()
Definition: CommonTrackPanelCell.h:46
std::shared_ptr< CommonTrackCell > GetAffordanceControls() override
Definition: NoteTrackView.cpp:78
std::shared_ptr< Track > DoFindTrack() override
Definition: CommonTrackPanelCell.cpp:147
static TrackArtist * Get(TrackPanelDrawingContext &)
Definition: TrackArtist.cpp:79
std::shared_ptr< CommonTrackCell > mpAffordanceCellControl
Definition: NoteTrackView.h:40
static wxBrush labelSelectedBrush
Definition: AColor.h:111
std::shared_ptr< UIHandle > UIHandlePtr
Definition: CellularPanel.h:28
static UIHandlePtr HitTest(std::weak_ptr< StretchHandle > &holder, const TrackPanelMouseState &state, const AudacityProject *pProject, const std::shared_ptr< NoteTrack > &pTrack)
Definition: StretchHandle.cpp:72
AUDACITY_DLL_API void DrawBackgroundWithSelection(TrackPanelDrawingContext &context, const wxRect &rect, const Track *track, const wxBrush &selBrush, const wxBrush &unselBrush, bool useSelection=true)
Definition: TrackArtist.cpp:528
void DrawNoteTrack(TrackPanelDrawingContext &context, const NoteTrack *track, const wxRect &rect, bool muted, bool selected)
Definition: NoteTrackView.cpp:361
@ PassTracks
Definition: TrackArtist.h:81
virtual void Draw(TrackPanelDrawingContext &context, const wxRect &rect, unsigned iPass)
Definition: TrackPanelDrawable.cpp:17