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PluginHostModule Class Referencefinal
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bool OnInit () override
void OnExit () override

Detailed Description

Definition at line 214 of file PluginHost.cpp.

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◆ OnExit()

void PluginHostModule::OnExit ( void  )

Definition at line 242 of file PluginHost.cpp.

243 {
245 }

◆ OnInit()

bool PluginHostModule::OnInit ( )

Definition at line 220 of file PluginHost.cpp.

221 {
223 {
224 long connectPort;
225 if(!wxString{ CommandLineArgs::argv[2] }.ToLong(&connectPort))
226 return false;
228 //log messages will appear in a separate window
229 //redirect to log file later
230 wxLog::EnableLogging(false);
232 //Handle requests...
233 PluginHost host(connectPort);
234 while(host.Serve()) { }
235 //...and terminate app
236 return false;
237 }
238 //do nothing if current process isn't a host process
239 return true;
240 }
Internal class, processes plugin validation requests from the main app. Request is a simple string fo...
Definition: PluginHost.h:36
static bool IsHostProcess()
Returns true if current process is considered to be a plugin host process.
Definition: PluginHost.cpp:208
UTILITY_API const char *const * argv
A copy of argv; responsibility of application startup to assign it.

References CommandLineArgs::argv, PluginHost::IsHostProcess(), and PluginHost::Serve().

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