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TypeEnumerator::CollectTypes< Tag, Location > Class Template Reference

#include <TypeEnumerator.h>


struct  Accumulate
struct  AccumulateType
struct  Stop

Public Types

using type = typename Accumulate< 0 >::type

Detailed Description

template<typename Tag, typename Location>
class TypeEnumerator::CollectTypes< Tag, Location >

Embedded type member is the list of enumerated types so far declared in the translation unit at first instantiation for Location

Template Parameters
Tagdistinguishes enumerations
Locationa structure type inheriting Tag

Definition at line 90 of file TypeEnumerator.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ type

template<typename Tag , typename Location >
using TypeEnumerator::CollectTypes< Tag, Location >::type = typename Accumulate<0>::type

Definition at line 106 of file TypeEnumerator.h.

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