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XMLStringWriter Class Referencefinal

Wrapper to output XML data to strings. More...

#include <XMLWriter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XMLStringWriter (size_t initialSize=0)
virtual ~XMLStringWriter ()
void Write (const wxString &data) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from XMLWriter
 XMLWriter ()
virtual ~XMLWriter ()
virtual void StartTag (const wxString &name)
virtual void EndTag (const wxString &name)
void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, const Identifier &value)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, const wxString &value)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, const wxChar *value)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, int value)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, bool value)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, long value)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, long long value)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, size_t value)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, float value, int digits=-1)
virtual void WriteAttr (const wxString &name, double value, int digits=-1)
virtual void WriteData (const wxString &value)
virtual void WriteSubTree (const wxString &value)
virtual void Write (const wxString &data)=0

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from XMLWriter
bool mInTag
int mDepth
wxArrayString mTagstack
std::vector< int > mHasKids

Detailed Description

Wrapper to output XML data to strings.


Definition at line 139 of file XMLWriter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XMLStringWriter()

XMLStringWriter::XMLStringWriter ( size_t  initialSize = 0)

XMLStringWriter class

Definition at line 418 of file XMLWriter.cpp.

420 if (initialSize)
421 {
422 reserve(initialSize);
423 }

◆ ~XMLStringWriter()

XMLStringWriter::~XMLStringWriter ( )

Definition at line 426 of file XMLWriter.cpp.


Member Function Documentation

◆ Write()

void XMLStringWriter::Write ( const wxString &  data)

Implements XMLWriter.

Definition at line 430 of file XMLWriter.cpp.

432 Append(data);
Append(Adapt< My >([](My &table) { return(WaveChannelSubViews::numFactories() > 1) ? std::make_unique< Entry >("MultiView", Entry::CheckItem, OnMultiViewID, XXO("&Multi-view"), POPUP_MENU_FN(OnMultiView), table, [](PopupMenuHandler &handler, wxMenu &menu, int id){ auto &table=static_cast< WaveTrackMenuTable & >(handler);auto &track=table.FindWaveTrack();const auto &view=WaveChannelView::Get(track);menu.Check(id, view.GetMultiView());}) :nullptr;}))

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