Audacity 3.2.0
lib-track Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for lib-track:


file  ChannelAttachments.cpp [code]
file  ChannelAttachments.h [code]
 Adapts TrackAttachment interface with extra channel index argument.
file  PendingTracks.cpp [code]
file  PendingTracks.h [code]
file  TimeWarper.cpp [code]
 Contains definitions for IdentityTimeWarper, ShiftTimeWarper, LinearTimeWarper, LogarithmicTimeWarper, QuadraticTimeWarper, Geometric TimeWarper classes.
file  TimeWarper.h [code]
 Contains declarations for TimeWarper, IdentityTimeWarper, ShiftTimeWarper, LinearTimeWarper, LinearInputRateSlideTimeWarper, LinearOutputRateSlideTimeWarper, LinearInputInverseRateTimeWarper, GeometricInputRateTimeWarper, GeometricOutputRateTimeWarper classes.
file  Track.cpp [code]
file  Track.h [code]
 declares abstract base class Track, TrackList, and iterators over TrackList
file  TrackAttachment.cpp [code]
 implements TrackAttachment
file  TrackAttachment.h [code]
 abstract base class for structures that user interface associates with tracks
file  UndoTracks.cpp [code]
file  UndoTracks.h [code]