Audacity 3.2.0
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int DoMessageBox (const TranslatableString &name, const TranslatableString &msg, const TranslatableString &titleStr, long style=wxOK|wxCENTRE)

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int EQUtils::DoMessageBox ( const TranslatableString name,
const TranslatableString msg,
const TranslatableString titleStr,
long  style = wxOK | wxCENTRE 

Definition at line 38 of file EqualizationCurves.cpp.

44 // Compare with EffectUIServices::DoMessageBox
45 auto title = titleStr.empty()
46 ? name
47 : XO("%s: %s").Format( name, titleStr );
48 return AudacityMessageBox( msg, title, style, nullptr );
int AudacityMessageBox(const TranslatableString &message, const TranslatableString &caption, long style, wxWindow *parent, int x, int y)
const TranslatableString name
Definition: Distortion.cpp:76
static const auto title

References AudacityMessageBox(), TranslatableString::empty(), name, anonymous_namespace{AudacityDontAskAgainMessageDialog.cpp}::style, title, and XO().

Referenced by EQCurveReader::LoadCurves(), EqualizationCurvesDialog::OnDelete(), EqualizationCurvesDialog::OnExport(), EqualizationCurvesDialog::OnRename(), EqualizationCurvesDialog::OnUp(), EqualizationUI::setCurve(), and EqualizationUI::ValidateUI().

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