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Journal::Events Namespace Reference


namespace  anonymous_namespace{JournalEvents.cpp}


bool IsWatching ()
void FailedEventSerialization ()

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◆ FailedEventSerialization()

void Journal::Events::FailedEventSerialization ( )

Definition at line 426 of file JournalEvents.cpp.

428 // After one event of one of the interesting types fails to record,
429 // don't try again
430 sWatching = false;
432 BasicUI::ShowMessageBox(XO("Journal recording failed"));
433 } );
void CallAfter(Action action)
Schedule an action to be done later, and in the main thread.
Definition: BasicUI.cpp:208
MessageBoxResult ShowMessageBox(const TranslatableString &message, MessageBoxOptions options={})
Show a modal message box with either Ok or Yes and No, and optionally Cancel.
Definition: BasicUI.h:277
static bool sWatching
Whether the event filter is still watching events.

References BasicUI::CallAfter(), BasicUI::ShowMessageBox(), Journal::Events::anonymous_namespace{JournalEvents.cpp}::sWatching, and XO().

Referenced by BasicMenu::anonymous_namespace{BasicMenu.cpp}::Watcher::FilterEvent(), and Journal::Events::anonymous_namespace{JournalEvents.cpp}::WindowEventSerialization().

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◆ IsWatching()

bool Journal::Events::IsWatching ( )

Definition at line 421 of file JournalEvents.cpp.

423 return sWatching;

References Journal::Events::anonymous_namespace{JournalEvents.cpp}::sWatching.

Referenced by Journal::Events::anonymous_namespace{JournalEvents.cpp}::Watcher::FilterEvent(), and BasicMenu::anonymous_namespace{BasicMenu.cpp}::Watcher::FilterEvent().

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