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anonymous_namespace{LV2Ports.cpp} Namespace Reference


struct  GetValueData
struct  SetValueData


const void * get_value_func (const char *port_symbol, void *user_data, uint32_t *size, uint32_t *type)
void set_value_func (const char *port_symbol, void *user_data, const void *value, uint32_t size, uint32_t type)

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◆ get_value_func()

const void * anonymous_namespace{LV2Ports.cpp}::get_value_func ( const char *  port_symbol,
void *  user_data,
uint32_t *  size,
uint32_t *  type 

This function isn't used yet, but if we ever need to call lilv_state_new_from_instance, we will give it this callback

Definition at line 348 of file LV2Ports.cpp.

351 auto &[ports, settings] = *static_cast<GetValueData*>(user_data);
352 return ports.GetPortValue(settings, port_symbol, size, type);
static Settings & settings()
Definition: TrackInfo.cpp:87

References settings(), and size.

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◆ set_value_func()

void anonymous_namespace{LV2Ports.cpp}::set_value_func ( const char *  port_symbol,
void *  user_data,
const void *  value,
uint32_t  size,
uint32_t  type 

Definition at line 376 of file LV2Ports.cpp.

380 auto &[ports, settings] = *static_cast<SetValueData*>(user_data);
381 ports.SetPortValue(settings, port_symbol, value, size, type);

References settings(), and size.

Referenced by LV2Ports::EmitPortValues().

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