Audacity 3.2.0
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auto subscription

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Audacity: A Digital Audio Editor


Dmitry Vedenko

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auto anonymous_namespace{LinkUrlHandler.cpp}::subscription
Initial value:
Subscription Subscribe(Callback callback)
Connect a callback to the Publisher; later-connected are called earlier.
Definition: Observer.h:199
static URLSchemesRegistry & Get()
Retrieves the registry instance.
void HandleLinkURI(std::string_view uri, std::function< void(std::string_view)> completedHandler)
Handle the OAuth callback.
OAuthService & GetOAuthService()
Returns the instance of the OAuthService.
A message that is invoked when a custom-scheme URL is passed to Audacity.

Definition at line 19 of file LinkUrlHandler.cpp.

Referenced by WaveTrackControls::GainSlider(), and WaveTrackControls::PanSlider().