Audacity 3.2.0
anonymous_namespace{Track.cpp} Namespace Reference


double Accumulate (const TrackList &list, double(Track::*memfn)() const, double ident, const double &(*combine)(const double &, const double &))

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double anonymous_namespace{Track.cpp}::Accumulate ( const TrackList list,
double(Track::*)() const  memfn,
double  ident,
const double &(*)(const double &, const double &)  combine 

Definition at line 765 of file Track.cpp.

768 {
769 // Default the answer to zero for empty list
770 if (list.empty())
771 return 0.0;
773 // Otherwise accumulate minimum or maximum of track values
774 return list.Any().accumulate(ident, combine, memfn);
775 }
static CommandHandlerObject & ident(AudacityProject &project)
bool empty() const
Definition: Track.cpp:758
auto Any() -> TrackIterRange< TrackType >
Definition: Track.h:950

References TrackList::Any(), TrackList::empty(), and ident().

Referenced by TrackList::GetEndTime(), and TrackList::GetStartTime().

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