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anonymous_namespace{TrackSelectHandle.cpp} Namespace Reference


TranslatableString Message (unsigned trackCount)

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TranslatableString anonymous_namespace{TrackSelectHandle.cpp}::Message ( unsigned  trackCount)

Definition at line 38 of file TrackSelectHandle.cpp.

38  {
39  if (trackCount > 1)
40  return XO(
41 // i18n-hint: %s is replaced by (translation of) 'Ctrl+Click' on windows, 'Command+Click' on Mac
42 "%s to select or deselect track. Drag up or down to change track order.")
43  .Format( CTRL_CLICK );
44  else
45  // i18n-hint: %s is replaced by (translation of) 'Ctrl+Click' on windows, 'Command+Click' on Mac
46  return XO("%s to select or deselect track.")
47  .Format( CTRL_CLICK );
48  }

References CTRL_CLICK, and XO.

Referenced by BatchEvalCommand::Apply(), ProjectManager::OnCloseWindow(), TrackSelectHandle::Preview(), and ProjectFileManager::SaveAs().

Here is the caller graph for this function:
#define CTRL_CLICK
Definition: TrackSelectHandle.cpp:34
#define XO(s)
Definition: Internat.h:31