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detail Namespace Reference


class  InputMessageReader
class  PluginValidationResult


bool ParseRequestString (const wxString &req, wxString &providerId, wxString &pluginPath)
wxString MakeRequestString (const wxString &providerId, const wxString &pluginPath)
void PutMessage (IPCChannel &channel, const wxString &value)

Function Documentation

◆ MakeRequestString()

wxString detail::MakeRequestString ( const wxString &  providerId,
const wxString &  pluginPath 

Helper function that builds item string from given plugin provider id and plugin path strings return Item string that can be passed as argument to wxConnection::Request

Definition at line 45 of file PluginIPCUtils.cpp.

47 return wxJoin(wxArrayStringEx {providerId, pluginPath}, ';');
Extend wxArrayString with move operations and construction and insertion fromstd::initializer_list.

Referenced by AsyncPluginValidator::Impl::Validate().

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◆ ParseRequestString()

bool detail::ParseRequestString ( const wxString &  req,
wxString &  providerId,
wxString &  pluginPath 

Helper function that extracts plugin provider id and plugin path from the item string return true if item string was successfully parsed

Definition at line 33 of file PluginIPCUtils.cpp.

35 auto strings = wxSplit(req, ';');
36 if(strings.size() == 2)
37 {
38 providerId = strings[0];
39 pluginPath = strings[1];
40 return true;
41 }
42 return false;

Referenced by AsyncPluginValidator::Impl::HandleResult(), and PluginHost::Serve().

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◆ PutMessage()

void detail::PutMessage ( IPCChannel channel,
const wxString &  value 

Writes the length of the string and string bytes into the channel. Message can be then extracted with InputMessageReader

Definition at line 50 of file PluginIPCUtils.cpp.

52 auto utf8 = value.ToUTF8();
53 const HeaderBlock length = utf8.length();
54 channel.Send(&length, HeaderBlockSize);
55 if(length > 0)
56 channel.Send(, length);
virtual void Send(const void *bytes, size_t length)=0
Write data to the channel.

References anonymous_namespace{PluginIPCUtils.cpp}::HeaderBlockSize, and IPCChannel::Send().

Referenced by AsyncPluginValidator::Impl::OnConnect(), PluginHost::Serve(), and AsyncPluginValidator::Impl::Validate().

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Here is the caller graph for this function: