Audacity 3.2.0
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AVIOContext Struct Reference

#include <ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h>

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Public Attributes

const AVClassav_class
unsigned char * buffer
int buffer_size
unsigned char * buf_ptr
unsigned char * buf_end
void * opaque
int(* read_packet )(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)
int(* write_packet )(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)
int64_t(* seek )(void *opaque, int64_t offset, int whence)
int64_t pos
int must_flush
int eof_reached
int write_flag
int max_packet_size
unsigned long checksum
unsigned char * checksum_ptr
unsigned long(* update_checksum )(unsigned long checksum, const uint8_t *buf, unsigned int size)
int error
int(* read_pause )(void *opaque, int pause)
int64_t(* read_seek )(void *opaque, int stream_index, int64_t timestamp, int flags)
int seekable
int64_t maxsize
int direct
int64_t bytes_read
int seek_count
int writeout_count
int orig_buffer_size
int short_seek_threshold
const char * protocol_whitelist
const char * protocol_blacklist
int(* write_data_type )(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size, enum AVIODataMarkerType type, int64_t time)
int ignore_boundary_point
enum AVIODataMarkerType current_type
int64_t last_time
int(* short_seek_get )(void *opaque)
int64_t written
unsigned char * buf_ptr_max
int min_packet_size
attribute_deprecated int64_t written
int64_t bytes_written

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4048 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ av_class

const AVClass * AVIOContext::av_class

Definition at line 4050 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ buf_end

unsigned char * AVIOContext::buf_end

Definition at line 4054 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ buf_ptr

unsigned char * AVIOContext::buf_ptr

Definition at line 4053 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ buf_ptr_max

unsigned char * AVIOContext::buf_ptr_max

Definition at line 4259 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ buffer

unsigned char * AVIOContext::buffer

Definition at line 4051 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ buffer_size

int AVIOContext::buffer_size

Definition at line 4052 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ bytes_read

int64_t AVIOContext::bytes_read

Definition at line 4082 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ bytes_written

int64_t AVIOContext::bytes_written

Definition at line 3853 of file ffmpeg-5.0.1-single-header.h.

◆ checksum

unsigned long AVIOContext::checksum

Definition at line 4066 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ checksum_ptr

unsigned char * AVIOContext::checksum_ptr

Definition at line 4067 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ current_type

enum AVIODataMarkerType AVIOContext::current_type

Definition at line 4252 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ direct

int AVIOContext::direct

Definition at line 4080 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ eof_reached

int AVIOContext::eof_reached

Definition at line 4063 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ error

int AVIOContext::error

Definition at line 4069 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ ignore_boundary_point

int AVIOContext::ignore_boundary_point

Definition at line 4250 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ last_time

int64_t AVIOContext::last_time

Definition at line 4253 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ max_packet_size

int AVIOContext::max_packet_size

Definition at line 4065 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ maxsize

int64_t AVIOContext::maxsize

Definition at line 4078 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ min_packet_size

int AVIOContext::min_packet_size

Definition at line 4261 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ must_flush

int AVIOContext::must_flush

Definition at line 4062 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ opaque

void * AVIOContext::opaque

Definition at line 4056 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ orig_buffer_size

int AVIOContext::orig_buffer_size

Definition at line 4088 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ pos

int64_t AVIOContext::pos

Definition at line 4061 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ protocol_blacklist

const char * AVIOContext::protocol_blacklist

Definition at line 4245 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ protocol_whitelist

const char * AVIOContext::protocol_whitelist

Definition at line 4243 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ read_packet

int(* AVIOContext::read_packet)(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)

Definition at line 4058 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ read_pause

int(* AVIOContext::read_pause)(void *opaque, int pause)

Definition at line 4071 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ read_seek

int64_t(* AVIOContext::read_seek)(void *opaque, int stream_index, int64_t timestamp, int flags)

Definition at line 4073 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ seek

int64_t(* AVIOContext::seek)(void *opaque, int64_t offset, int whence)

Definition at line 4060 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ seek_count

int AVIOContext::seek_count

Definition at line 4084 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ seekable

int AVIOContext::seekable

Definition at line 4076 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ short_seek_get

int(* AVIOContext::short_seek_get)(void *opaque)

Definition at line 4255 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ short_seek_threshold

int AVIOContext::short_seek_threshold

Definition at line 4241 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ update_checksum

unsigned long(* AVIOContext::update_checksum)(unsigned long checksum, const uint8_t *buf, unsigned int size)

Definition at line 4068 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ write_data_type

int(* AVIOContext::write_data_type)(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size, enum AVIODataMarkerType type, int64_t time)

Definition at line 4247 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ write_flag

int AVIOContext::write_flag

Definition at line 4064 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ write_packet

int(* AVIOContext::write_packet)(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)

Definition at line 4059 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ writeout_count

int AVIOContext::writeout_count

Definition at line 4086 of file ffmpeg-2.3.6-single-header.h.

◆ written [1/2]

int64_t AVIOContext::written

Definition at line 4257 of file ffmpeg-3.4.8-single-header.h.

◆ written [2/2]

attribute_deprecated int64_t AVIOContext::written

Definition at line 3847 of file ffmpeg-5.0.1-single-header.h.

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