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PopupMenuTableEntry Struct Reference

#include <PopupMenuTable.h>

Public Types

enum  Type {
  Item, RadioItem, CheckItem, Separator,
  SubMenu, Invalid

Public Member Functions

 PopupMenuTableEntry (Type type_, int id_, wxString caption_, wxCommandEventFunction func_, PopupMenuTable *subTable_)
bool IsItem () const
bool IsSubMenu () const
bool IsValid () const

Public Attributes

Type type
int id
wxString caption
wxCommandEventFunction func

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PopupMenuTableEntry::PopupMenuTableEntry ( Type  type_,
int  id_,
wxString  caption_,
wxCommandEventFunction  func_,
PopupMenuTable subTable_ 

Definition at line 42 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

44  : type(type_)
45  , id(id_)
46  , caption(caption_)
47  , func(func_)
48  , subTable(subTable_)
49  {}
Type type
int id
wxString caption
PopupMenuTable * subTable
wxCommandEventFunction func

Member Function Documentation

bool PopupMenuTableEntry::IsItem ( ) const
bool PopupMenuTableEntry::IsSubMenu ( ) const

Definition at line 52 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

References SubMenu, and type.

bool PopupMenuTableEntry::IsValid ( ) const

Definition at line 53 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

References Invalid, and type.

Member Data Documentation

wxString PopupMenuTableEntry::caption

Definition at line 38 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

wxCommandEventFunction PopupMenuTableEntry::func

Definition at line 39 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

int PopupMenuTableEntry::id

Definition at line 37 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

PopupMenuTable* PopupMenuTableEntry::subTable

Definition at line 40 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

Type PopupMenuTableEntry::type

Definition at line 36 of file PopupMenuTable.h.

Referenced by IsItem(), IsSubMenu(), and IsValid().

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