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Command.h File Reference

Contains declaration of Command base class. More...

#include "CommandSignature.h"
#include "../commands/AudacityCommand.h"
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class  OldStyleCommand
 Abstract base class for command interface. This is the version created by Dan Horgan. It was previously a factory for other command classes. It created a separation between the type of a command and the command itself, which is being removed. These Commands were managed by CommandDirectory. More...
class  DecoratedCommand
 DecoratedCommand is a decorator for command. It forwards functions to the mCommand it holds. More...
class  ApplyAndSendResponse
 ApplyAndSendResponse is a DecoratoredCommand that performs the given command and then outputs a status message according to the result. It manages a CommandContext which is passed into its mCommand, so that result messages are routed back to the right place. More...
class  CommandImplementation
 is derived from OldStyleCommand. It validates and applies the command. CommandImplementation::Apply() is overloaded in classes derived from it. More...


using OldStyleCommandPointer = std::shared_ptr< OldStyleCommand >

Detailed Description

Contains declaration of Command base class.

Definition in file Command.h.

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◆ OldStyleCommandPointer

using OldStyleCommandPointer = std::shared_ptr<OldStyleCommand>

Definition at line 42 of file Command.h.