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PopupMenuTable.h File Reference
#include <functional>
#include <vector>
#include <wx/menu.h>
#include <memory>
#include "Internat.h"
#include "../commands/CommandManager.h"
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struct  PopupMenuTableEntry
struct  PopupSubMenu
struct  PopupMenuSection
class  PopupMenuHandler
struct  PopupMenuVisitor
class  PopupMenu
class  PopupMenuTable
struct  PopupMenuTable::AttachedItem
class  ComputedPopupMenuTable< Derived, Base >


#define DECLARE_POPUP_MENU(HandlerClass)    void Populate() override;
#define BEGIN_POPUP_MENU(HandlerClass)
#define POPUP_MENU_FN(memFn)   ( (wxCommandEventFunction) (&My::memFn) )
#define POPUP_MENU_SUB_MENU(stringId, classname, pUserData)
#define END_POPUP_MENU()   }

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#define BEGIN_POPUP_MENU (   HandlerClass)
void HandlerClass::Populate() { \
using My = HandlerClass; \
mTop = std::make_shared< PopupSubMenu >( \
Id(), Caption(), *this ); \
mStack.clear(); \
mStack.push_back( mTop.get() );

Definition at line 316 of file PopupMenuTable.h.


#define DECLARE_POPUP_MENU (   HandlerClass)     void Populate() override;

Definition at line 312 of file PopupMenuTable.h.


#define END_POPUP_MENU ( )    }

Definition at line 331 of file PopupMenuTable.h.


#define POPUP_MENU_FN (   memFn)    ( (wxCommandEventFunction) (&My::memFn) )

Definition at line 324 of file PopupMenuTable.h.


#define POPUP_MENU_SUB_MENU (   stringId,
mStack.back()->items.push_back( \
Registry::Shared( classname::Instance().Get( pUserData ) ) );
Services * Get()
Fetch the global instance, or nullptr if none is yet installed.
Definition: BasicUI.cpp:194
std::unique_ptr< SharedItem > Shared(const BaseItemSharedPtr &ptr)
Definition: Registry.h:93

Definition at line 326 of file PopupMenuTable.h.