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UndoTracks Namespace Reference


TRACK_API TrackListFind (const UndoStackElem &state)

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TrackList * UndoTracks::Find ( const UndoStackElem state)

Definition at line 47 of file UndoTracks.cpp.

49 auto &exts = state.state.extensions;
50 auto end = exts.end(),
51 iter = std::find_if(exts.begin(), end, [](auto &pExt){
52 return dynamic_cast<TrackListRestorer*>(pExt.get());
53 });
54 if (iter != end)
55 return static_cast<TrackListRestorer*>(iter->get())->mpTracks.get();
56 return nullptr;
static const auto exts
Definition: ImportAUP.cpp:56
const char * end(const char *str) noexcept
Definition: StringUtils.h:106
UndoState state
Definition: UndoManager.h:128
Extensions extensions
Definition: UndoManager.h:114

References details::end(), UndoState::extensions, exts, and UndoStackElem::state.

Referenced by anonymous_namespace{HistoryWindow.cpp}::SpaceUsageCalculator::Calculate(), ProjectFileManager::Compact(), and EstimateRemovedBlocks().

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