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ProjectAudioManager.cpp File Reference
#include "ProjectAudioManager.h"
#include <wx/app.h>
#include <wx/frame.h>
#include <wx/statusbr.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <numeric>
#include "AudioIO.h"
#include "BasicUI.h"
#include "CommandManager.h"
#include "CommonCommandFlags.h"
#include "DefaultPlaybackPolicy.h"
#include "Meter.h"
#include "Mix.h"
#include "Project.h"
#include "ProjectAudioIO.h"
#include "ProjectFileIO.h"
#include "ProjectHistory.h"
#include "ProjectRate.h"
#include "ProjectStatus.h"
#include "ProjectWindows.h"
#include "ScrubState.h"
#include "TrackFocus.h"
#include "TransportUtilities.h"
#include "UndoManager.h"
#include "ViewInfo.h"
#include "Viewport.h"
#include "WaveClip.h"
#include "WaveTrack.h"
#include "toolbars/ToolManager.h"
#include "tracks/ui/Scrubbing.h"
#include "tracks/ui/ChannelView.h"
#include "widgets/MeterPanelBase.h"
#include "AudacityMessageBox.h"
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class  anonymous_namespace{ProjectAudioManager.cpp}::CutPreviewPlaybackPolicy


namespace  anonymous_namespace{ProjectAudioManager.cpp}


static TranslatableString FormatRate (int rate)
const ReservedCommandFlagCanStopAudioStreamFlag ()
AudioIOStartStreamOptions DefaultSpeedPlayOptions (AudacityProject &project)
PropertiesOfSelected GetPropertiesOfSelected (const AudacityProject &proj)


static AudacityProject::AttachedObjects::RegisteredFactory sProjectAudioManagerKey
static ProjectAudioIO::DefaultOptions::Scope sScope
 Install an implementation in a library hook. More...
static RegisteredMenuItemEnabler stopIfPaused

Function Documentation

◆ CanStopAudioStreamFlag()

const ReservedCommandFlag & CanStopAudioStreamFlag ( )

Definition at line 1186 of file ProjectAudioManager.cpp.

1186 { static ReservedCommandFlag flag{
1187 [](const AudacityProject &project){
1188 auto &projectAudioManager = ProjectAudioManager::Get( project );
1189 bool canStop = projectAudioManager.CanStopAudioStream();
1190 return canStop;
1191 }
1192 }; return flag; }
const auto project
static std::once_flag flag
The top-level handle to an Audacity project. It serves as a source of events that other objects can b...
Definition: Project.h:90
static ProjectAudioManager & Get(AudacityProject &project)

References flag, ProjectAudioManager::Get(), and project.

Referenced by anonymous_namespace{SelectMenus.cpp}::CursorMenu(), ProjectAudioManager::DoRecord(), anonymous_namespace{TransportMenus.cpp}::ExtraTransportMenu(), and anonymous_namespace{TransportMenus.cpp}::TransportMenu().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ DefaultSpeedPlayOptions()

AudioIOStartStreamOptions DefaultSpeedPlayOptions ( AudacityProject project)

Definition at line 1226 of file ProjectAudioManager.cpp.

1229 auto gAudioIO = AudioIO::Get();
1230 auto PlayAtSpeedRate = gAudioIO->GetBestRate(
1231 false, //not capturing
1232 true, //is playing
1233 ProjectRate::Get( project ).GetRate() //suggested rate
1234 );
1235 result.rate = PlayAtSpeedRate;
1236 return result;
static AudioIO * Get()
Definition: AudioIO.cpp:126
static AudioIOStartStreamOptions GetDefaultOptions(AudacityProject &project, bool newDefaults=false)
Invoke the global hook, supplying a default argument.
static ProjectRate & Get(AudacityProject &project)
Definition: ProjectRate.cpp:28
double GetRate(const Track &track)
Definition: TimeTrack.cpp:196

References AudioIO::Get(), ProjectRate::Get(), ProjectAudioIO::GetDefaultOptions(), anonymous_namespace{TimeTrack.cpp}::GetRate(), and project.

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◆ FormatRate()

static TranslatableString FormatRate ( int  rate)

Definition at line 79 of file ProjectAudioManager.cpp.

81 if (rate > 0) {
82 return XO("Actual Rate: %d").Format( rate );
83 }
84 else
85 // clear the status field
86 return {};

References XO().

Referenced by ProjectAudioManager::OnAudioIORate(), and ProjectAudioManager::StatusWidthFunction().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ GetPropertiesOfSelected()

PropertiesOfSelected GetPropertiesOfSelected ( const AudacityProject proj)

Definition at line 1329 of file ProjectAudioManager.cpp.

1331 double rateOfSelection{ RATE_NOT_SELECTED };
1333 PropertiesOfSelected result;
1334 result.allSameRate = true;
1336 const auto selectedTracks{
1337 TrackList::Get(proj).Selected<const WaveTrack>() };
1339 for (const auto & track : selectedTracks) {
1340 if (rateOfSelection != RATE_NOT_SELECTED &&
1341 track->GetRate() != rateOfSelection)
1342 result.allSameRate = false;
1343 else if (rateOfSelection == RATE_NOT_SELECTED)
1344 rateOfSelection = track->GetRate();
1345 }
1347 result.anySelected = !selectedTracks.empty();
1348 result.rateOfSelected = rateOfSelection;
1350 return result;
constexpr int RATE_NOT_SELECTED
static TrackList & Get(AudacityProject &project)
Definition: Track.cpp:347
auto Selected() -> TrackIterRange< TrackType >
Definition: Track.h:1096
A Track that contains audio waveform data.
Definition: WaveTrack.h:222

References PropertiesOfSelected::allSameRate, PropertiesOfSelected::anySelected, TrackList::Get(), RATE_NOT_SELECTED, PropertiesOfSelected::rateOfSelected, and TrackList::Selected().

Referenced by ProjectAudioManager::OnRecord(), and anonymous_namespace{TimerRecordDialog.cpp}::OnTimerRecord().

Here is the call graph for this function:
Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

◆ sProjectAudioManagerKey

Initial value:
return std::make_shared< ProjectAudioManager >( project );

Definition at line 50 of file ProjectAudioManager.cpp.

Referenced by ProjectAudioManager::Get().

◆ sScope

Initial value:
auto options = ProjectAudioIO::DefaultOptionsFactory(project, newDefault);
options.listener = ProjectAudioManager::Get(project).shared_from_this();
bool loopEnabled = ViewInfo::Get(project).playRegion.Active();
options.loopEnabled = loopEnabled;
if (newDefault) {
const double trackEndTime = TrackList::Get(project).GetEndTime();
const double loopEndTime = ViewInfo::Get(project).playRegion.GetEnd();
options.policyFactory = [&project, trackEndTime, loopEndTime](
const AudioIOStartStreamOptions &options)
-> std::unique_ptr<PlaybackPolicy>
return std::make_unique<DefaultPlaybackPolicy>( project,
trackEndTime, loopEndTime,
options.loopEnabled, options.variableSpeed);
return options;
} }
double GetEnd() const
Definition: ViewInfo.h:135
bool Active() const
Definition: ViewInfo.h:124
static AudioIOStartStreamOptions DefaultOptionsFactory(AudacityProject &project, bool newDefaults)
Default factory function ignores the second argument.
double GetEndTime() const
Return the greatest end time of the tracks, or 0 when no tracks.
Definition: Track.cpp:991
PlayRegion playRegion
Definition: ViewInfo.h:216
static ViewInfo & Get(AudacityProject &project)
Definition: ViewInfo.cpp:235
struct holding stream options, including a pointer to the time warp info and AudioIOListener and whet...
Definition: AudioIOBase.h:44

Install an implementation in a library hook.

Definition at line 1195 of file ProjectAudioManager.cpp.

◆ stopIfPaused

RegisteredMenuItemEnabler stopIfPaused
Initial value:
[]{ return PausedFlag(); },
[]{ return AudioIONotBusyFlag(); },
[]( const AudacityProject &project ){
std::bitset< NCommandFlags > CommandFlag
Definition: CommandFlag.h:30
const ReservedCommandFlag & AudioIONotBusyFlag()
const ReservedCommandFlag & PausedFlag()
static CommandManager & Get(AudacityProject &project)

Definition at line 1315 of file ProjectAudioManager.cpp.