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PerTrackEffect::Instance Class Reference

#include <PerTrackEffect.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Instance (const PerTrackEffect &processor)
 ~Instance () override
bool Process (EffectSettings &settings) final
 Uses the other virtual functions of this class. More...
bool ProcessInitialize (EffectSettings &settings, double sampleRate, ChannelNames chanMap) override
bool ProcessFinalize () noexcept override
- Public Member Functions inherited from EffectInstanceEx
virtual bool Init ()
 Call once to set up state for whole list of tracks to be processed. More...
virtual bool Process (EffectSettings &settings)=0
 Actually do the effect here. More...
 ~EffectInstanceEx () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from EffectInstance
virtual ~EffectInstance ()
virtual size_t GetBlockSize () const =0
virtual size_t SetBlockSize (size_t maxBlockSize)=0
virtual unsigned GetAudioInCount () const =0
 How many input buffers to allocate at once. More...
virtual unsigned GetAudioOutCount () const =0
 How many output buffers to allocate at once. More...
virtual bool RealtimeInitialize (EffectSettings &settings, double sampleRate)
virtual bool RealtimeAddProcessor (EffectSettings &settings, EffectOutputs *pOutputs, unsigned numChannels, float sampleRate)
virtual bool RealtimeSuspend ()
virtual bool RealtimeResume ()
virtual std::unique_ptr< MessageMakeMessage () const
 Called on the main thread, in which the result may be cloned. More...
virtual bool UsesMessages () const noexcept
virtual bool RealtimeProcessStart (MessagePackage &package)
 settings are possibly changed, since last call, by an asynchronous dialog More...
virtual size_t RealtimeProcess (size_t group, EffectSettings &settings, const float *const *inBuf, float *const *outBuf, size_t numSamples)
virtual void RealtimePassThrough (size_t group, EffectSettings &settings, const float *const *inBuf, size_t numSamples)
 Called instead of RealtimeProcess when the effect is bypassed. Default implementation does nothing. More...
virtual bool RealtimeProcessEnd (EffectSettings &settings) noexcept
 settings can be updated to let a dialog change appearance at idle More...
virtual bool RealtimeFinalize (EffectSettings &settings) noexcept
virtual size_t GetTailSize () const
virtual SampleCount GetLatency (const EffectSettings &settings, double sampleRate) const
virtual bool NeedsDither () const
virtual bool ProcessInitialize (EffectSettings &settings, double sampleRate, ChannelNames chanMap)=0
virtual bool ProcessFinalize () noexcept=0
virtual size_t ProcessBlock (EffectSettings &settings, const float *const *inBlock, float *const *outBlock, size_t blockLen)=0
 Called for destructive effect computation. More...

Protected Attributes

const PerTrackEffectmProcessor

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EffectInstance
using Message = EffectSettingsAccess::Message
using SampleCount = uint64_t

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file PerTrackEffect.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Instance()

PerTrackEffect::Instance::Instance ( const PerTrackEffect processor)

Definition at line 45 of file PerTrackEffect.h.

46 : mProcessor{ processor }
47 {}
const PerTrackEffect & mProcessor

◆ ~Instance()

PerTrackEffect::Instance::~Instance ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Process()

bool PerTrackEffect::Instance::Process ( EffectSettings settings)

Uses the other virtual functions of this class.

Implements EffectInstanceEx.

Definition at line 36 of file PerTrackEffect.cpp.

38 return mProcessor.Process(*this, settings);
static Settings & settings()
Definition: TrackInfo.cpp:47
bool Process(EffectInstance &instance, EffectSettings &settings) const

References mProcessor, PerTrackEffect::Process(), and settings().

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◆ ProcessFinalize()

bool PerTrackEffect::Instance::ProcessFinalize ( )

Called at end of destructive processing, for each (mono/stereo) track Default implementation does nothing, returns true This may be called during stack unwinding:

Implements EffectInstance.

Reimplemented in LadspaInstance, VSTInstance, and VST3Instance.

Definition at line 47 of file PerTrackEffect.cpp.

49 return true;

◆ ProcessInitialize()

bool PerTrackEffect::Instance::ProcessInitialize ( EffectSettings settings,
double  sampleRate,
ChannelNames  chanMap 

Called at start of destructive processing, for each (mono/stereo) track Default implementation does nothing, returns true

chanMapnull or array terminated with ChannelNameEOL. Do not retain the pointer
GetAudioInCount() and GetAudioOutCount() are well defined

Implements EffectInstance.

Reimplemented in LadspaInstance, LV2Instance, VSTInstance, and VST3Instance.

Definition at line 41 of file PerTrackEffect.cpp.

44 return true;

Member Data Documentation

◆ mProcessor

const PerTrackEffect& PerTrackEffect::Instance::mProcessor

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